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DCM Motors

DCM MOTORS was a family - owned business, established in 2005 by automotive experts with over 25 years experience in the automotive industry. DCM Motors used to provide a unique car buying experience for customers in the Shropshire and surrounding areas by providing inspected, top quality, used vehicles for all types of consumers, at a competitive price.

JeGraNet.com took over the website when the original DCM MOTORS closed.

We don't sell any top-quality used vehicles at a competitive price. We don't buy pre-inspected vehicles wholesale from well known local car dealers, and part exchanges. 

We just advertise Cars and Motorcycles for sale by the owners.

DCM MOTORS used to continually maintains a diverse stock of vehicles, providing the widest selection for individual needs. Purchasing fortnightly, to add to the current stock on hand.

Each vehicle was thoroughly inspected by an RAC mechanic. Only vehicles that pass this critical inspection were sold on site.

Used car dealers are notorious for unethical sales practices. Customers are inherently cautious and untrusting as a result.

We can provide a high-quality sales experience.

WE don't have any salesmen or provide a friendly and personal experience for the buyer. We don't follow up and ensure customer satisfaction.

We will rely on these customers for an excellent reference to other car buyers. This company will strive to build an excellent working relationship with both sellers and buyers.



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